We Are the Common Denominator In All of Our Relationships


According to CBS Chicago, “of the 248.2 million people in the U.S, 124.6 are single, compared with 123.6 who are married”. That means there are more single people out there than married people. And with all the different ways for singles to connect, dating has never been easier, and you might be asking yourself…”Why is it so hard for me to find someone?”

But I hear women say it all the time; that there just aren’t any good men out there. You know, the standard mantra of “all the good ones are taken.”

As a Relationship Coach I must admit this is a phrase I try to steer the singles I work with away from saying, but as I woman I can totally relate because before I met my husband, I used to say the same thing too.

Looking back on my single days, I had a successful career, lots of friends, a good life overall… I would say I had my shit together. But for some reason, I always struggled meeting someone that would treat me the way I deserved…

I pointed the finger at everyone else out in the world, but never took a good long look back in the mirror and met and the choices I made and the men I was picking.

That’s because generally speaking it’s much easier to blame the guys you date then yourself.

At first glance, it seems to make sense, it’s my ex’s fault… but deep down I always questioned… is there a pattern going on here with me? Why do all my exes lack boundaries and why do I ignore the red flags and keep dating these types of men?

One day I saw a quote from Dr. Phil and it said, “You are the common denominator of all of your relationships.”

This quote really shook my world. I was already questioning this idea, but now it was like the universe was smacking me in the face saying, “It’s time to change your approach Amie…what you’re doing isn’t working.

That’s when I decided just being myself wasn’t enough, because there were definitely parts of me that needed changing.

I made it my mission to be myself, but to be my “best self”. The new goal was to learn about myself by studying my patterns, my past relationships, and what I truly wanted in a future relationship to make me happy.

“Be Your Best Self” is actually Pillar #1 in my CONSCIOUS DATING WORKSHOP…. Where I help you become aware of what areas need improvement so that you get the love you deserve (FYI the next workshop is June 7th – click here for the early registration special).

To me this statement truly gives power to singles to constantly be trying to improve who they are and what makes them tick. Like anything in life, the more self- aware we are (aka Conscious), the more power we have to deliberately change the direction in our love life. It’s a truly liberating and empowering approach to life and love.


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