What is Conscious Dating?

Your search to find your special someone can be frustrating and time consuming. This is why many singles like you feel despair that it will ever happen and they give up or settle for someone who isn’t right, and ultimately end up living a lonely and unsatisfying life.

The first step to changing your results start with Conscious Dating®, it’s about truly understanding yourself and relationships. Like an iceberg, what we know is usually the 10% above the surface and our success depends upon the 90% we have yet to learn.

What would make you truly happy? How and where can you find your Soul Mate? Would you recognize the love of your life from across the room? I’ll help you become crystal clear (conscious) about what will make you truly happy, and as importantly, what to avoid, so you can finally find your true love.

That’s what you really want, isn’t it? A simple, step-by-step method to help you make CONSCIOUS DATING choices to find the partner of your dreams! Here’s how I help you find the love of your life:Untitled design(4)

Whether we work together in private coaching or a workshop, through these 8 Pillars of the Conscious Dating Program you’ll understand the secrets for easily, effectively, and efficiently attracting the partner who’s right for you.

Pillar #1 – Be Your “Best Self”

Most dating advice out there will say the famous line, “just be yourself”. I personally don’t think that is enough, I think being your “best self” is more powerful! Imagine if you had the ability to understand love blocks that are in the way of you getting the relationship you want, how awesome would that be?

In this pillar, you’ll take a Relationship Readiness Assessment. After completing the assessment you will get a good idea of areas that need improvement and areas that are on track to getting the relationship you want. You’ll experience a true understanding of self-discovery by doing this assessment, it’s very revealing, and exciting.

Pillar #2 – Mastering Your Mindset

IMG_5190Mindset is everything. If you’re coming from a place of negativity or thinking “no one is out there for me”, then your mindset is totally off! The way you show up in the world is so important while dating. A negative mindset can make your body language seem closed off, unappealing and unhappy. No one wants to date someone like that! Would you?

In this pillar, you’ll learn mindset paradigms to empower you to boost your self-confidence and learn how to date with intention and purpose. You’ll discover a powerful tool to shift your mindset to create a positive attitude and develop a new positive belief system that will make you a magnet to the quality partner you want.

Pillar #3 – Learn the Science of Love

Dating Tip #3(1)If you’ve been duped time and time again with prospective partners promising you the world and doing something totally different but you find it hard to leave. You might have fallen for their chemistry. This will not happen anymore because you discover how leading with chemistry has played a big part in the failures of your past relationships.

In this pillar the key is to develop strength in balancing your heart with your head. Understand how to use the Law of Attraction to start making positive shifts and attract a high quality partner you deserve.

Pillar #4 – Lose Your Limiting Beliefs

If you’ve ever sabotaged a really good relationship or settled for a relationship you know wasn’t going to work out, then your limiting beliefs might have been making relationship decisions for you! Most don’t know this, but these negative, limiting beliefs that sit in your subconscious mind and act as an anchor in allowing you to get the relationship you truly desire.

Through the conscious dating exercises, you’ll begin to reveal the limiting beliefs that aren’t serving you and learn a powerful tool to exterminate your negative beliefs as you develop a new positive belief system. Instead of playing it safe and settling, you’ll have the confidence to get the love you deserve. The word “settle” will no longer exist in your vocabulary. 

Pillar #5 – Lock in Your Life Purpose & Vision

If you don’t know where you’re headed, how will you ever know when you get there? Most go through life this way, through trial in error, more error, and then defeat. With no clear vision or purpose in life, you may end up lost and never get to your destination aka LOVE.

I’ll help you become clear about your purpose and your vision of life, family, partnership, career, and more. This way you’ll know exactly if the prospective partner sitting across from you is headed in the same direction or even destination or NOT. When you are clear about this, you’ll stop wasting your time dating people that aren’t on the same path. Knowing this information up front, creates a safe way to date with less surprises.

Pillar #6 – Upgrade Your Picker

IMG_5189This exciting Pillar is about learning specific values, personality traits, non-negotiables, needs, and wants that you require in a relationship to be happy. Knowing them is half the battle, the second piece is learning how to communicate them to prospective partners and how to screen against these specific qualities.

I’ll support you through the process by providing you the tools to express what you really want in a relationship and how to tell whether you should leave or stay in the relationship. Your time is valuable, this Pillar will show you how to practice assertiveness to get  exactly what you want.

Pillar #7 – Design the Dating Game Plan

Now that you have a positive mindset about dating, know how to balance your heart in your head, how to manage limiting beliefs when they pop up, have a clear life vision and purpose to see if your prospective partner is on the same path, know exactly what qualities and values you want in a partner, it’s finally time to take action.

This is the time you’ll go out and practice dating. You’ll discover different attraction venues, how to online dating, the art of conversation, flirting and more. It’s a numbers game baby! The more options, the more opportunity. TRUST ME, your dating limiting beliefs is going to start up again in this phase, just remember my support is key to help you forge forward.

Pillar #8 – Be the “Chooser”

While your practice dating you will encounter many prospective dates, weeding through them will be part of the process. I’ll show you 4 different screening stages to determine if the person will move onto the next phase of the dating process.

You’ll discover how to date with intention and purpose by being the “Chooser,” instead of being the chaser or even waiting to be Dating Tip #3(1) copy 2chosen. You’ll find this new approach is the key to picking the right partner and relationship.

I like to say that people go to school to learn how to add and subtract, to learn how to drive a car, even to cook, but so few people are ever taught how to actually date and how to have a happy relationship.

It’s such an important part of our lives and without the proper education too many people out there fail miserably.

That is why I feel this Conscious Dating Program is so important. Nothing feels better than getting into action and taking charge of our destiny.  Let me provide you the tools and confidence to reach your relationship goals.  After all, what you believe you can achieve!  Or as Henry Ford once said “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right.”    


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