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Amie Leadingham Master Certified Relationship Coach

Amie Leadingham is a Certified Master Relationship Coach. She provides a Conscious Dating Program that is hand tailored to match each client’s dating and relationship needs.

Through her coaching process, singles discover: clearly defined values they want in a life partner, create a vision their ideal relationship, and empower a new positive mindset that helps them attract and keep the love they deserve.

Amie guides clients through the world of relationships by providing coaching support and feedback all along the way. Her approach is proven, she has applied these same tools to her personal life and met her awesome husband.

An innate cupid, Amie’s method transforms the daunting dating process into a fun and exciting adventure that will leave you smitten.

Amie Leadingham was named one of LA’s best dating coaches in 2014 by

Kate Cooke

“It was only with the intuitive, insightful coaching of Amie that I was finally able to see and overcome the habits that had previously kept me from attracting and keeping the right relationship. Her coaching works. I’m now engaged, it’s proof the program works. Thank you Amie!”

Nicole Gomez

“With Amie’s support, I was able to discover my own worth by not selling myself short with the men I was dating. Within a month of working with Amie, I met the man of my dreams and now, two years later, he and I are awaiting the arrival of our twin daughters."

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