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I recently helped Adam as his Dating Coach in this episode. Please tune in as we discuss his dating “non-negotiables” on the new HelloGiggles reality series, ADULTING 101.

PEN – Adulting 101 Episode from Amie Leadingham on Vimeo.

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  • digital-romance-logoI’m a monthly contributor for Digital Romance, here’s some of my latest featured articles.

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  • The Blaze 105.1 Radio interview with Gus and Izzy: Are Dating Apps Changing Today’s Dating Culture?

    Click here to listen to the the clip of Gus and Izzy on 105.1 the Blaze, Fresno’s Best Rock Station interviews Amie Leadingham a Certified Dating Coach. Listen as she shares her views on how Dating Apps and how they are affecting today’s “Dating Culture”.



  • Fantasy Dating Radio  – Top 3 Dating Traps

    Click here to listen to the Fantasy Dating Radio about “Top 3 Dating Traps and How to Avoid Them” –  Dating Coach Tips come in at 15 minutes.


  • Cincinnati’s 55KRC Talk Radio Radio Episode – American Dreamers

    Click here to listen – Have you ever felt like romance was a game and that you didn’t know the rules?  You see other people play at it and you kind of think you know how to win, but it doesn’t work out that way.  Well, you’re not alone.


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  • I was named one of the top 17 Dating Coaches in Los Angeles -Click here to view. Info: A dating coach not only helps you find a date – they also help you become a better person. Train on your own, all you want, but these 17 LA-based dating coaches will whip you into the greatest dating shape of your life.


  • Click here to read my article on “Top 5 Mistakes That Get In The Way of Relationship Bliss.”

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  • Click here to listen to the interview :Amie Leadingham – Builds A Coaching Business Based On Love and Relationships