From doubting if *real* love really existed for her to take charge of her love life and become the *chooser*, Kerry shares her deepest story on how Conscious Dating changed her love life.

- Kerry

Jervon shares her story of going through the Conscious Dating Workshop, the impact it made on her love life, and the difference it made in her life to be connected to an amazing community of like-minded women.

- Jervon D.

Aideen is an amazing heart centered soul and she came to me with one goal in mind, to begin to open her heart to the possibilities of love again. In the video she shares her deepest struggles and what she learned during our coaching time together. If you’ve been gaining up the courage to date again, but have a lot of doubt, then watching this video will truly inspire you.


- Aideen Ní Riada

Listen to Courtney’s successful journey in finding the love of her life. She went from struggling with dating to finally attracting quality man that loves and respects her. They recently just got married!!!

- Courtney F.

I came to Amie because I wanted to get information on dating that I may have been missing. There’s a saying that if you want to achieve something, you enlist the help of people that have already done it successfully, so here I am! I also really wanted this experience because I feel like my intent to grow this part of my life and led in a long-term relationship me to Amie and her program, and within the first few emails I received, I knew I was in the right place.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to take Amie’s course, read her book, and even for the way I was led to Amie in the first place! I’m in full belief that my intent put that entire sequence of events in motion that lead to this course. And now I can say that I’m actually pretty confident about giving it another go! I’m actually excited about putting up a new profile and taking control of my love life. This is a deliberate, systematic approach to online dating, that’s fun at the same time!

- Ahrianna Burns

“Amie is more than my dating coach, she is my life coach. She speaks very openly and honestly about all aspects of my life and constantly challenges me to grow as an individual. Within a month of working with Amie, I met the man of my dreams and now, two years later, he and I are awaiting the arrival of our twin daughters. Now, I reach out to Amie for ongoing advice about my career, family and relationship and truly don’t know where I would be without her. One session with Amie and you will see for yourself just how incredible she is.”

- Nicole Gomez

“It was only with the intuitive, insightful coaching of Amie that I was finally able to see and overcome the habits that had previously kept me from attracting and keeping the right relationship..I’m now married to the man of my dreams… Thank you Amie!”

- Kate Cooke

I think it was beshert (the Yiddish term for “meant to be”) that Amie became my coach. I met Amie because I was interested in becoming a relationship coach myself, and Amie ended up being my mentor who did a 30 minute consultation with me to learn about becoming a coach at the Relationship Coaching Institute.

During our first conversation, she made me feel so comfortable that I opened up to her and told her I was in a relationship, but had my doubts and was unsure if my boyfriend (at the time) was the one for me. I felt such a genuine empathetic and loving vibe from Amie. Amie and I connected in such a way that I realized in that moment I could trust her to become my relationship coach and guide me in the right direction.

Amie then became my relationship coach and I began my journey with her alongside me. What I loved about my coaching experience with Amie was that she always listened to every word I said so intently that she was able to hear how I felt, even if I didn’t know how I felt at the time. She helped me to dig deep within myself to face and overcome my two toxic overwhelming emotions of fear and guilt. She then taught me how to have a voice, to be assertive and express myself.

The best part about having Amie as a coach is that when I felt the pressure from my family and friends to end my relationship (sooner than I was ready to), Amie always supported me and told me to take my time. She told me that this experience was my journey and it was my decision to make and I made it! Within 3 months I pulled the plug and ended my toxic relationship. I couldn’t thank Amie enough. Amie’s genuine empathy and coaching skills helped me to open up, gain clarity and find out what it is that I truly desire in a relationship and never settle for less. Amie’s passion for this field inspired me, so much so, that I am taking some time for myself, taking a break from dating and beginning my next journey to become a Relationship Coach for Singles at RCI and I cannot wait to start this next chapter of my life!

- Erica Morgan

I really enjoyed the process thanks to Amie, I am 100% more confident. I love being clear about what works for me and what doesn’t. I feel good about expressing what it is I’m looking for, without feeling a pain of shame or feeling needy, which I previously did feel . Now I feel I’m honoring myself. I’m enjoying meeting different men. I’m not in fear of the process.

I have definitely gained from this experience. ALL my relationships, not just my love life have and will continue to benefit from this.

If you’re on the fence and not sure, that’s ok. It could be timing or lack of readiness, and you want to be ready to delve in as anything like this definitely stirs the pot. If it’s money that is holding you back, it’s defo worth the investment. Love trumps money in my eyes.

- Brona Malone

“I never dreamed I’d hire a Dating Coach. Amie came highly recommended and after just one conversation, it was clear that she knew her stuff! She had “been there and done that.” She has a no-nonsense approach that helps cut through the noise, excuses and relationship blocks. Her communication tools are useful for dating and for other relationships too.”

- Tara, Los Angeles

I admit I was quite skeptical when I first started to work with Amie. Within a few short months I was no longer a skeptic. Amie has helped me regain my optimism and my faith/trust in my unique path, while also helping me understand my priorities and navigate my needs. Her coaching is always helpful and her perspective always uplifting. I am thankful for her help and guidance and know I am in a much better place for it.

- Leah N.

“Coaching with Amie helped me get clearly in touch with what I want in a relationship. She tuned into my top values, and gave me the tools and insight to bring them into my dating life. Now I’m more confident, relaxed, and at peace with the process. Thanks Amie!”

- David S

“Prior to meeting Amie I was in a relationship for 7 years. When it ended, I had no idea how to date or what was right for me. I felt like I was starting all over again but a little freaked out because I was now 30 years old. I thought I would be married by now and felt the clock ticking for sure. I started dating on my own and kept dating all the wrong guys because I felt like I had to settle. With a feeling of constant let downs, my friend referred me to Amie. I took a leap of faith and joined her program. It changed my life and my perspective to dating. Amie’s approach is amazing, she was supportive but challenged me when I needed to hear it. I now feel so empowered and since working with her, I stopped wasting my time dating the wrong people. I’m happy to say I finally drew in the relationship I never knew existed. I have never been so happier in my life.”

- Andrea Cohen

“Having been married and starting over again, dating was incredibly daunting to say the least. Amie was the voice of not only encouragement but reason. Shying me away from my bad habits, helping me get into my feminine energy, reminding me to let them take charge and cheering me on. Her coaching has changed my life and I know I’m on the road to love! Can’t recommend her enough.”

- Marsa Snow

“I never thought I would do online dating but after working with Amie, she helped me see a new perspective. Because of her personal guidance, I finally started going on great dates and meeting people that were on the same page. I’m hopeful now and know that I’m on the right path. I am confident with the Relationship Plan and her coaching, I will meet the love of my life.”

- Jason Clever

” I really have all great things to say! You are very personable and approachable. You made me feel comfortable and able to open up right away. I was able to say things I might not otherwise have said in a public space. I do like the methodological approach you take. While we did spend some time on the past, you mostly emphasized the present, and what I could do to take steps to change my behavior. I tend to get caught on my “story”… and you helped me move on from that. I also really like how you asked me to break down my larger goals into manageable parts, and asked me to anticipate what things might be a barrier to my success. It made my actions steps reasonable and “doable”. It made my goals realistic and attainable. Thank you for everything!”

- Jennifer Monroe