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You're smart, successful, an action taker, and you want to meet the love of your life.

You want an amazing relationship that feels natural, easy, and just RIGHT. You want your "forever" relationship, but somehow you keep choosing all the wrong partners... your dating picker is off. You let emotion, chemistry, and/or comfort drive your relationship choices, and ignore major red flags.

Here's the good news, through my Conscious Dating approach you'll discover a smart, safe, and authentic approach to dating that will get you everything you want in love (including attraction). I'm Amie, a Master Certified Relationship Coach, once a struggling single like yourself and by conscious dating, met my husband and soulmate. If you're ready to experience your "forever" relationship, I invite you to a grab my free eBook on 5 DATING TRAPS here.

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5 Ways to Be a Magnet to Quality Men

5 Ways to Be a Magnet to Quality Men

Feb 13, 2017 | No Comments

Do you know what draws more men than a drop-dead gorgeous face or a rocking body? Confidence! Women who have confidence are always at the top of the dating pyramid. The ones who lack it, are at the bottom. The question is how do you develop confidence when the dating world can be such a […]

4 Conscious Dating Steps to Screen in Your Soulmate

4 Conscious Dating Steps to Screen in Your Soulmate

Jan 16, 2017 | No Comments

So many of my single I work with come to me with dating war stories that seem to compare their dating life to walking through a minefield and where almost every step leads to getting blown to smithereens. Often their dating struggles begin and end with the fact most singles just plain lack the necessary […]

Top 5 Places to Meet Like-Minded Singles the Old-Fashioned Way

Top 5 Places to Meet Like-Minded Singles the Old-Fashioned Way

Dec 21, 2016 | 2 Comments

As a Master Certified Relationship Coach, my mission is to help singles find their “forever” relationship. To do this, it often involves not only working to improve a single’s mindset and dating skills, but also help them to get a better understanding of where are the best places they can go to meet that special […]

3 Steps to Jump Start Your Love Life During the Holidays

3 Steps to Jump Start Your Love Life During the Holidays

Dec 8, 2016 | No Comments

I remember as a little girl my parents taking me to the mall to meet Santa Claus for the first time. The plan, like for any young child meeting St. Nick was pure and simple, sit on his lap for a few moments and tell him what I wanted for Christmas. Then, just wait for […]


  • “I challenge you to find a better life + dating coach. I interviewed eight coaches and immediately knew to choose Amie. Her extensive knowledge, attention to detail, and ability to adapt to my personal needs and situation went above and beyond what I could have expected. Plan to be personally prepared to work hard, experience personal challenges in each session, and make changes. You will be expected to do this and more. Amie supports you consistently . I would not recommend having an arsenal of excuses….or an unwilling spirit to change. Amie expects results.”

    Want to work with me? Click here.

    - Kerri Hite

  • Aideen is an amazing heart centered soul and she came to me with one goal in mind, to begin to open her heart to the possibilities of love again. In the video she shares her deepest struggles and what she learned during our coaching time together. If you’ve been gaining up the courage to date again, but have a lot of doubt, then watching this video will truly inspire you.

    Want to work with me? Click here.

    - Aideen Ní Riada

  • “Amie is more than my dating coach, she is my life coach. She speaks very openly and honestly about all aspects of my life and constantly challenges me to grow as an individual. Within a month of working with Amie, I met the man of my dreams and now, two years later, he and I are awaiting the arrival of our twin daughters. Now, I reach out to Amie for ongoing advice about my career, family and relationship and truly don’t know where I would be without her. One session with Amie and you will see for yourself just how incredible she is.”

    - Nicole Gomez


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I’m a Certified Master Life Coach and Relationship Coach in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, some may consider me Dating Coach and Dating Expert. Whatever the title may be, I work with goal oriented singles who have tried online dating, speed dating, organic dating, blind dates.. they really have tried it all but still haven’t met the “one” yet. My clients are busy with their careers and unlucky with love, but they truly value and want a quality relationship. They’re ready for change and want to start playing BIG in love! Sounds like you? Pssst…. If you haven’t yet, I urge you to take advantage of my FREE copy of 5 “Dating Traps” Keeping You Single here.



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