About Me

I believe that before we can experience the love we deserve, we must start looking within first. We’re all raised with a set of skills we pick up from childhood to becoming an adult.

Some skills we learn are good and some can be major obstacles to finding the love we want. The hard part, is that most of us are unconscious of the skills we need to have a successful relationship. This lack of self-awareness can be the very reason we go through insecurities and self-doubt in our ability to actually get the relationship we want in this lifetime.

I’ve been there and I can definitely help you. I struggled with dating and relationships for years. What I had come to realize, throughout my years of frustration that my “dating picker” was broken!

The toughest thing I had to do (I’m sure you can relate, that’s why you’re here) is to look in the mirror and admit, I was the common denominator in all my relationships, that “I” made the choices to stay (even when things were really BAD).

I truly believe in my heart that no one is broken beyond repair. And to have an amazing relationship that we deserve, we have to start with loving ourselves enough to do the work and invest in our own happiness (and that’s exactly what I did). I made it my mission to become conscious about myself, learn everything I could about dating and relationships.

My quest for knowledge had me participating in tons of different dating workshops and relationship training (I want to pass these conscious dating proven strategies onto you).

When I returned to dating with my new found perspective, I stopped wasting my time on flakes, my confidence was BOOSTED, and within a short time, my dating experience completely changed, I met the love of my life (I know you’re here because you want the same, I can help).

My personal experience gave me the inspiration to start empowering singles (just like YOU) to open themselves up to the love and life they really deserve.

I’m committed to be your non-judgmental support, personal trainer for love, safe soundboard, and coach to inspire + cheer you on through your fun and liberating journey to get the love you deserve.

Let’s make a commitment today, from this point on…NO more settling, NO more pain, and NO more heartache.

The universe brought us together for a reason, your intuition is right… this is your year to truly be self-FULL and find lasting love. Let’s connect, schedule a free Relationship Readiness Review with me here.

I’m rooting for you,


OFFICIAL BIO rci Certified

Amie became a Certified Master Relationship and Mentor Coach receiving her training at the Relationship Coaching Institute. Since then, Amie’s relationship coaching and mentoring support have empowered singles to discover their true authentic selves for the first time. Her non-judgmental approach allows people to feel safe and open to communicate freely.

Once her clients have discovered their true value of who they are by having employed a newly ingrained belief system, using methods that are proven time and time again, many, for the first time in their lives, began to move forward in a positive way to attracting a meaningful relationship they had never thought possible.

Her mission is to inspire, cultivate, and empower singles to their highest potential. Her dedication and passion has led her to be named one of LA’s Best Dating Coaches by Dating Advice. She has also been featured on CBS, Fox 5 News, People Entertainment Weekly, HelloGiggles, Live Strong, Martha Stewart Weddings, and more. She is an Author and recently published, “A Woman’s Handbook to Online Dating”.

My Professional Details:

    • Lead Mentor Coach, Faculty, Relationship Coaching Institute
    • Relationship Coach Trained & Certified, Relationship Coaching Institute
    • Master Certified Coach, Center for Coaching Certification
    • Certified Professional Coach, Center for Coaching Certification
    • Active Member of International Coach Federation
    • Named one of LA’s Best Dating Coaches in Los Angeles
    • Bachelor of Science, Business, Cal Poly Pomona

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