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You're smart, successful, an action taker. You want that *forever* relationship. The one that feels NATURAL and EASY. Just RIGHT.

But you only attract commitment phobes, emotionally unavailable types, casual hookups, types you have rescue, or no one you can take seriously.

And maybe you're beginning to doubt your *date-ability*!

Right now, you might be mildly annoyed or going through something that is so messed up... so overwhelming... even a little crazy... that you wonder if anyone can REALLY help you.

I assure you, there's nothing you can bring to the table that will scare me off. I'm here for YOU and can definitely help. (In fact, I'd LOVE to).

Hi, I'm Amie. Once upon a time, I was a struggling single too. But through CONSCIOUS DATING I found the love of my life.

Since then, I’ve helped countless singles (just like YOU) do the same. I'm a *Master Certified Relationship Coach*, an Author, and proud to be named one of "LA's Best Dating Coach" by Dating Advice.

Let me help YOU find lasting love by making CONSCIOUS DATING choices TODAY. Schedule your FREE * Relationship Readiness Review* with me. NOW.

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Top 5 Ways to Establish Dating Boundaries

Top 5 Ways to Establish Dating Boundaries

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I met my husband online and when we first started dating things began to move pretty fast in terms of liking each other and wanting to spend time with each other. Still, I had been down that dating fast and furious dating path before and I always ended up in a relationship that crashed and […]

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Life Vision: Your Key to Ultimate Happiness in Love

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When we are out there looking for love there are many factors that can affect our success, but one of the most important is whether or not we have a clear and present Life Vision. This goes not only for ourselves, but also for any potential partner we consider getting into a committed relationship with. […]

He’s Nice, But Sparks are Missing… Should I Go On More Dates?

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So what do you do when you meet someone that is so NICE and you have great conversations but there’s no initial spark or chemistry? Do you stop dating? Or do you give them another chance? Can attraction grow? And how many dates do you go on till you make that final decision? In this […]


  • From doubting if *real* love really existed for her to take charge of her love life and become the *chooser*, Kerry shares her deepest story on how Conscious Dating changed her love life.

    - Kerry

  • Jervon shares her story of going through the Conscious Dating Workshop, the impact it made on her love life, and the difference it made in her life to be connected to an amazing community of like-minded women.

    - Jervon D.

  • Aideen is an amazing heart centered soul and she came to me with one goal in mind, to begin to open her heart to the possibilities of love again. In the video she shares her deepest struggles and what she learned during our coaching time together. If you’ve been gaining up the courage to date again, but have a lot of doubt, then watching this video will truly inspire you.


    - Aideen Ní Riada


Are you Ready for Love_

I’m a Certified Master Life Coach and Relationship Coach in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, some may consider me Dating Coach and Dating Expert. Whatever the title may be, I work with goal oriented singles who have tried free dating sites, dating apps, online dating, top dating sites, matchmaking, asked friends for relationship advice, speed dating, organic dating, blind dates.. they really have tried it all but still haven’t met the “one” yet.

My clients are busy with their careers and unlucky with love, but they truly value and want a quality relationship. They’re ready for change and want to start playing BIG in love! Sounds like you? Pssst…. If you haven’t yet, I urge you to take advantage of my FREE Relationship Readiness Review here.









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